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Walleyes Forever - What's New

As is (hopefully) obvious by now, the entire Walleyes Forever site has undergone a major facelift. Along with the new clean modern look comes a much more organized navigation system which should make it easier to find and access the info you need about Walleyes Forever and fishing in general.

There is still some work to do on the site, such as adding the rest of the many photographs to the gallery pages. If you have any specific requests on content to add or find something missing, please let Dave know. You can contact him via EMAIL.

The forum section remains the same for now. It will be updated later this year, but we are still looking at several options on that.

Need to access the old site temporarily? It can be found by clicking HERE. I felt this might be useful for a while until all of the files are transferred.

Thanks for your patience on this extremely involved project. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel at Walleyes Forever.

NEW Site Section

We have a new section on the site entitled 'Fishing News'. This can be found under the 'News & Info' section at the top. The new 'Fishing News' section will be getting regular posts (hopefully on a weekly basis) pertaining to fishing. Be sure to check it out!

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